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DIY Fixes for Common Car Key Problems

fixing a broken car key

Did you know that 82% of car owners have had problems with their keys? These can range from broken fobs to keys you can't turn. Luckily, there are some fixes you can try yourself. These can save you from spending big on professional help.

A report tells us about a Xylo owner facing issues. His car key's rubber padding wore off after several years of good use. This exposed the inside, making the key stop working. The dealership wanted $35 for a fix, but he wasn't up for paying that. So, he decided to look into doing it himself.

Key Takeaways

  • Car key issues affect over 80% of owners, which is quite common.

  • Problems like worn-out buttons, dead batteries, and programming glitches happen a lot.

  • Doing fixes on your own is a great way to save money.

  • Knowing the main causes of key issues can help solve them the right way.

  • If you keep your keys well-maintained and ask an expert when needed, you can prevent many problems.

Understanding Car Key Problems

Being new on the road, car key troubles can be both perplexing and annoying. You might face various issues. For example, the key might not turn in the ignition, or the key fob might not work right. These issues have different reasons behind them. It could be due to the key itself, its programming, or even other gadgets messing with it.

Identifying the Issue

The first thing to do with car key issues is to figure out what's wrong. Is the key not turning in the ignition? Or does the car not start even with the key inside? Maybe your key fob just won't work. Knowing what's not working helps a lot. It lets you find the cause and the fix easier.

Car Key Won't Turn or Work

Problems like keys not turning or being stuck are likely mechanical. It could be the key or the car's ignition getting old. Or, there might be a problem with the lock. Sometimes, it's not a physical issue. It might be a programming or electrical problem instead.

Car Key Not Starting the Car

Inserting the key but the car not starting is a red flag for several issues. It could be the key fob, the car's security system, or the engine's parts failing. A key fob with a dead battery or a wrong program could be the culprit. There might be a mechanical issue stopping the key from working with the car's start.

Car Key Not Unlocking or Responding

If the key fob isn’t unlocking the car, many things could be wrong. A key fob with a dead battery is one possibility. So is interference from other electronic devices. There could also be a programming problem that's keeping the key from working with the car's locking system.

1 remote car key disasembled and another remote key

Analyzing the Root Causes

Car key problems are very common. To solve them, you must know what's wrong. Issues like a dead key fob battery, improperly programmed keys, and wear and tear can lead to troubles. Let's look more into these.

Car Key Battery Dead

A dead key fob battery is a top issue. The battery in your car key can run out. Then, it can't talk to your car. This might stop you from unlocking or starting your car.

Car Key Not Programmed

If your car key isn't correctly programmed, it won't work. This happens if you get a new key but it's not programmed well. Then, your car won't start or unlock properly.

Mechanical Issues and Wear & Tear

Your car key can also wear out physically. Inside, parts like springs and pins can wear down. Sometimes, the keys outside might break. This makes starting your car hard or the key fob not work.

Signal Interference

Sometimes, signal interference can mess with your car key and car talking. Things like cell phones close by or storms can cause this. Then, your key fob might not work or your car doesn't detect the key.

Knowing these reasons helps you fix your car key issues better. It leads to fixes that last longer and work well.

Quick and Professional Solutions

Car key problems must be handled carefully and quickly. First, try fixing it yourself before asking for help. You might just need to change the car key fob battery. Or, check if something is blocking the signal.

Quick Fixes

When your car key won't turn in the ignition or the fob isn't working, start with the battery. A weak or dead battery stops the fob from sending the right signal. Replacing the battery is cheap and might be all you need.

Also, make sure something isn't blocking the signal between the car key and the car. Objects or other devices close by can mess with it. Keep everything away so the key and car can 'see' each other clearly.

Professional Help

If the car key issue is complex, like a big programming or physical problem, seek a car locksmith. These experts will quickly figure out and repair your key or fob. They ensure your car stays safe and runs well.

A skilled car locksmith will look at the key or fob closely to see what's wrong. Then, they might reprogram it or replace it. They can also fix any internal key issues. Getting their help stops bigger issues and gets you driving again soon.

Preventing Future Car Key Issues

To stop the headache of car key issues, take care of your keys routinely. This means keeping them in good shape and spotting problems early. By doing this, you can avoid many troubles with your car's keys.

Identify, Understand, and Act

First, figure out what's wrong with your car key if it acts up. It could be a simple fix like a new battery, a reset, or a damaged key. Once you know what's the problem, fixing it is easier.

Preventive Measures

Doing regular key maintenance can ward off many troubles. For instance, change your key fob's battery every 2-3 years. Also, be careful not to damage it and avoid leaving it in places with extreme heat or cold. This will help keep your key working properly.

Keeping the key safe from signal troubles is important too. Signals from phones or other devices can sometimes cause issues. So, be aware of this.

Seeking Expert Advice

If you're not sure how to properly care for your keys, talk to a pro auto locksmith. They can help with all sorts of issues, from dead batteries to complicated fixes. Their advice can keep you driving trouble-free.


Car key problems can be a real nuisance. They range from simple issues like a damaged key to more complex situations. Dead batteries or the need for programming can also arise. But handling these issues need not be too hard. With the right knowledge and method, you can sort things out. This way, you can avoid the frustration of getting locked out.

Being proactive is the key. A little effort in maintaining your car key can save you a lot of trouble. Regular checks and changing batteries on time keep your key in good shape. You should also watch out for any damage. But, if a problem comes up, don't worry. Just talk to a professional auto locksmith. They can quickly find out what's wrong and fix it. They know how to handle both simple fixes and more complicated repairs.

Staying informed and acting ahead keeps your car key working well. This means you can easily use your vehicle. A working car key opens the door to your freedom. With good care, it stays a reliable companion for years to come.


What can I do if the rubber padding on my car key buttons gets damaged?

If your car key's rubber padding rips, you may want to try fixing it yourself. This is an option before spending $35 on a new key from the dealer. The damage might expose the key's internal parts, making DIY repair a good idea.

What are some common issues with car keys that new drivers or car owners may face?

New drivers or car owners often face common car key problems. These include the key not turning in the ignition, starting issues, and trouble with the key fob. Such problems might be due to programming, mechanics, or signal issues.

What are the root causes of car key problems?

Key issues stem from several factors. These can be a dead key fob battery, poor programming, mechanical wear, or signal interference. Addressing these root causes is key to solving the problem.

What should I do if I encounter a car key problem?

If you face a car key issue, start with simple fixes. This includes changing the key fob battery and checking for interference. For more complicated problems, turning to an auto locksmith is advised. They can diagnose and fix complex issues effectively.

How can I prevent future car key issues?

To avoid future car key troubles, proactive steps are necessary. This involves recognizing problems early and taking suitable measures. Regular maintenance like changing batteries on time and avoiding key damage is vital. For unsure cases, a professional auto locksmith can provide the necessary advice and solutions.

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