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Securing Your Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

It is not a secret that sliding glass doors look cosmetically very appealing compared to a standard wooden door. Sliding glass doors can also add a lovely feature to a back yard or balcony exit and can even make a room seem more spacious and open. But what are the pros and cons that come along with these type of doors and when are they suitable for your home. Below you will find multiple options to secure these doors, in order to make it as safe as possible for your family.

Securing sliding glass doors (Residential)

Securing sliding glass doors in your home is extremely important to ensure the security of your family. When people think of securing their sliding glass doors they automatically assume they need to hire large security agencies for the job and have them install intricate alarm systems. But that is not totally accurate, there are multiple more convenient and affordable ways to secure these type of doors without having to compromise on the quality of the security.

Why are Sliding Doors So Vulnerable?

The first and most ‘obvious’ reason as to why these type of doors are vulnerable is the fact these doors are fully glass. Of course it is not ideal for a burglar to break the glass due to the loud noise

it could create, but most burglaries occur during the day when most people are at work, so chances someone hearing them are pretty slim. Second reason sliding glass doors are quite Vulnerable is because the standard latch locks that are installed in most of the common sliding glass doors don’t produce the most secure locking mechanism. Therefore it would be fairly easy for an experienced burglar to gain entrance to your home and this would and should be a valid concern for the safety of your home.

How can you prevent burglars from entering your home?

Now that we reviewed a few key reasons as to why you should be aware of the security dangers of these type of doors, we will go over the additional security measures that can be added to secure your sliding glass doors.

1. Use blocking bars

Every sliding glass door has tracks where the doors slide back and forth. These tracks can house a blocking bar when they are in a closed position. These blocking bars are used to prevent the doors from sliding open even when the lock has been unlocked. You can either do this yourself or hire a local locksmith to provide you with either a metal or a wooden bar.

Sliding Glass Doors

2. Lockit double bolt lock system

As we mentioned above the standard sliding glass door lock that is commonly installed is not considered to be a very secure locking mechanism. Therefore you have other options such as Lockit secure lock system to enhance the security of these doors. The Lockit lock system is a double bolt lock that will only be visible from the inside of your home. Lockit lock will lock the sliding glass doors in a manner where the door will not be able to slide open as long as it is in a locked mode. This lock is installed on the frame of the door as well as on the actual door, so once you lock it two heavy duty bolts lock in place and create a very secure locking system. This lock system creates a very resistant locking mechanism that will insure that anyone trying to gain entrance from the outside will have a very difficult time doing so. If you choose to add this additional security lock to your doors, you will need to hire a professional local locksmith in order to install it on your sliding glass door.

Sliding Glass Doors lock

3. Shatterproof film

A shatterproof film is a clear thin but durable film that is placed on both sides of the sliding glass doors or even can be put on windows. This shatterproof film prevents a burglar from breaking the glass. If a burglar attempts to break the glass he will find it very difficult to shatter it because the film will create a protection layer and hold the glass in tact so it doesn’t shatter and fly everywhere. This method will inhibit the burglars from entering the house. An added bonus to this method the shatterproof film can also add protection to your home from natural calamities.

shattered Sliding Glass Doors


Whether you already have sliding glass doors or thinking of getting them, always remember that keeping your home secure should be your number one priority. So when it comes to choosing the best option, call locksmithland and we will make sure to guide you through the most suitable system for your individual needs.

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