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The Importance of Keeping a Spare Car Key

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More than 20 million Americans lose their car keys every year. It's a huge hassle, leading to frustration, stress, and extra costs. So, having an extra car key is a smart move.

A spare key can work wonders when you're in a tight spot. Whether you've locked your keys in the car or lost them, it saves the day. It offers peace of mind, keeping you from stressing about getting locked out or being late for a key issue.

Plus, it keeps you from spending on a locksmith or tow truck. And you won't need to wait for a replacement from the dealer. A spare key is a smart investment for all these reasons. It reduces stress, saves money, and makes life easier.

Key Takeaways

  • A spare car key can prevent the inconvenience and stress of being locked out of your vehicle.

  • Keeping a spare key can protect your original keys from gradual wear and tear over time.

  • Having a spare key provides convenience for multiple drivers, allowing them to access the vehicle without conflict.

  • A spare key can save you money by avoiding the costs of key replacement and locksmith services.

  • Maintaining a spare key can help you avoid the hassle of visiting the dealership for a replacement.

The Nightmare of Being Locked Out

Getting locked out of your car is very stressful. It's a problem that can go from bad to worse quickly. You're left in a panic, realizing you have no way to get inside your vehicle. This nightmare scenario is all too common for many, especially when time is crucial.

Running Late and Locked Out

Imagine being late for work with kids to drop off at school first. You rush to your car, but then comes the shock. A car lockout leaves you stranded. It causes you to miss things, feel your boss's frustration, and scramble for a fix.

Stranded with No Way In

Now, picture being stranded far away from your usual places, and nowhere near a help center. It’s a recipe for feeling lost and exposed. This is a real worry if you're in a place you don't know well, or if the weather is bad.

Losing Your Car Key

It is not unusual to lose your car keys. In fact, more than 20 million Americans lose them yearly. This might be at home or work. According to the third source, misplacing them at these places is pretty common.

Misplacing Keys at Home or Work

Leaving your keys at work or letting them get lost in your house is pretty frustrating. If this happens, calling a locksmith is usually the next step. This can take time and cost quite a bit.

Calling a Locksmith for Replacement

Having a spare key can be a big help. The first source talks about how a spare key can speed up the replacement process. It saves you from a lot of trouble and money. With a spare, you won’t need a locksmith or have to go to a dealership for a new set.

Preventing Key and Lock Damage

Your car keys go through a lot, even though they seem like simple tools. They wear down over time from daily use. This car key wear and tear can make your keys work poorly and even hurt your car's car lock. It's smart to keep a spare key. It can keep your car keys lasting longer and stop you from force keys into locks, which could harm the car lock.

Gradual Wear and Tear on Keys

Every time you use and remove your car keys, a bit of damage occurs. They can get less responsive or change shape. This car key wear and tear makes it hard to turn the key and may lead you to push it too hard. Having a spare key reduces this wear. It means your main key lasts longer, saving you money on new keys.

Avoiding Forcing Keys into Locks

When keys don't work well, resisting the urge to force them is vital. Forcing them can ruin your lock. The best action is to care for your keys. The advice is to regularly check with a locksmith. This can stop major damage to your car's keys and locks.

Car Key Fob Battery Issues

Modern car keys often include a key fob for keyless entry. But, these fobs need batteries that can die without warning. If this happens, you might get locked out of your car. You won't get in unless you have a spare key. Keeping a spare car key fob battery can prevent last-minute worries if your fob battery dies, the first source points out.

Keyless entry batteries and spare keys should be used together. This can make your keys last longer by not overusing them, the third source advises. By doing this, your car key fob replacement batteries will keep working when you need them most. This way, you won't be stuck when you must get into your car quickly.

If your car key battery suddenly dies, a spare key can be a lifesaver. It prevents the stress of being unable to enter your car. This is crucial when you're in a hurry or just trying to get through the day. A spare key ensures your plans aren't ruined and keeps you calm.

Convenience for Multiple Drivers

If you share a car with someone, like a spouse or family member, a spare key is really helpful. A spare key stops the hassle of changing keys all the time. It makes sharing a car smoother.

Avoiding Conflicts Over Key Possession

Having one car key can cause arguments over who gets to use it. With a spare key, everyone can use the car without fighting over the main key. This keeps things peaceful among those who share the car.

Personalized Driver Settings

Plus, a spare key lets drivers keep their favorite car settings. They can set their seat and mirrors just how they like them. This makes driving more comfortable for everyone using the car.

Car Key Replacement Hassles

Losing your car keys can majorly disrupt your day. It often means heading over to the dealership for a new set. This can take a lot of time and money. The costs stack up if the dealership is your only option for a certain car key. Having a spare key handy can easily dodge this situation.

Trips to the Dealership

After losing your car keys, a usual step is visiting the car dealership. But it's not a fun visit. You'll wait for them to make a new key, eating up hours or days. The car dealership key replacement also hits the wallet hard. It might cost anywhere from $200 to $500, or even more, based on your vehicle.

Cost-Effective Spare Key Duplication

Yet, a spare key can make life so much easier and cheaper. As the first source mentions, "it’s easier and cheaper with a spare, compared to no starting point." The third source agrees that a spare key is a smart choice. Duplicating a spare key turns out to be a more budget-friendly option than creating a new one.


Keeping a spare car key is simple and very helpful. It can keep you from many problems. A spare key stops you from getting locked out, keeps your main key safe, and is handy for more than one driver. It also saves you time and money by not needing a new key right away.

Holding a spare key can make you feel much safer. It takes away the worry of losing your keys or getting locked out. For issues like a dead key fob or sharing your car, it's a lifesaver. Every driver should think about having one.

Taking care of your car keys and keeping them safe is very important. A spare key doesn't just help in emergencies. It also makes your main keys last longer and lets you share the car easily. So, keeping a spare key is a smart move for everyone.


What are the benefits of keeping a spare car key?

A spare car key helps prevent lockouts. It shields your main key from too much use, making it last longer. Also, it's handy if multiple people drive the same car. Plus, it saves you from the stress and cost of getting a new key.

How can a spare key help during a car lockout situation?

A spare key can save you in tough times. When you're locked out, it allows quick access to your car. This avoids the stress that often comes with forgetting or losing your keys.

How common is it for people to lose their car keys?

More than 20 million Americans lose their car and house keys yearly. This can happen at home, work, or anywhere. So, it's a pretty common issue.

How can a spare key help prevent damage to your car's locks and keys?

Having a spare key protects the original one. It stops additional wear and tear. This means you won't have to push a worn-out key, possibly damaging the locks.

What happens if the key fob battery dies?

If your key fob's battery dies, you might be locked out. A spare key can keep you from being late to important things. It can really save the day.

How can a spare key benefit drivers who share a car?

A spare key stops arguments about who has the key. It makes sharing the car easier. Everyone can keep their own car settings without changing them back and forth.

How does a spare key compare to getting a replacement from the dealership?

Choosing a spare key over a dealership replacement is less trouble and money. Duplicating a key costs less than making a new one. So, it's a smart choice financially and practically.

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