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What are Keypad door locks?

6 different keypad door locks on display

There are many types of Keypad door locks who have all kinds of features, colors, shapes and security levels. But which one is best suited for you? Well that depends on the type of door, property and personal needs. Today we will talk specifically about Keypad locks and why you should or shouldn’t go that route. In the recent years Keypad locks have become more and more popular. There are many reasons as to why someone would choose this type of lock over a standard lock. The reasons vary from cosmetic appearance to convenience and functionality. Whichever reason is yours, you should still take the time to understand the different types and features they have in order to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

The two types of keyless entry Keypad door locks

There are two types of Keypad door locks in the market. Here you will read about the differences and reasons for choosing one over the other. The first type is a Keypad which does not have a manual key option. This means that you are able to unlock the door by entering the code or in some cases with the use of a smart phone. This lock operates on Wifi and can be linked to a smart phone which would give you a log of entry times and also alert you when the battery is ready to be changed. One thing to keep in mind is if you get the alert to change out the battery, make sure you do so because once the battery dies you will be locked out of your house and need to call a locksmith to get you in. Typically this type of keypad lock appeals to landlords and people who own air B&Bs. The reason they typically choose this type of lock is because they often have different people staying at their property, so they need to have a way to change the code whenever the tenants move out. This saves them money and time because they won’t need to get their locks replaced or rekeyed each time a tenant moves out.

Keypad door locks

Second type is a keyless entry lock with a manual key option. Most people choose this keypad over a standard lock for their home because they like the “high tech” look of it. They also like the convenience of using the keypad to enter and have the option of using a manual key as well. There are a few things you need to know about this lock, if you choose to use the keypad option at all times you should still keep a key somewhere available to you in case the battery dies or if the electronic parts shut down. Another very important thing to keep in mind is changing the code every few month or so, due to the buttons getting worn out or visible marks on the buttons that are used for the code which could compromise your security. What’s great about having both options is if you lose the key of just don’t have it at the time you can opt to use the keypad and vice versa if the battery dies you can use the key. So you are less likely to find yourself locked out of your home due to having multiple options of unlocking the door.

Keypad door locks


There are so many styles and features for these type of Keypad door locks, so whichever one you decide to go with, make sure you know ahead of time the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either one. If you’re in Delray Beach or Palm Beach County and would like to purchase or and have one of these locks installed call Locksmithland. We are a local and trusted company located in Delray Beach with over 12 years of experience. Call us for a free estimate at (561) 295-1818.



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