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Should I Rekey or Replace my Locks?

Keeping your home or any other property you own secure is very important and should be a priority. You need to figure out what are the steps you need to take and what will fit your needs. Making sure that your property doesn’t have the same entryway is very important, so whether you want to replace the entire lock or rekey the existing lock would be up to you. But which is the better option? When should you do one or another? It all depends on you and your needs.

When should you change a lock?

There are certain cases where changing your locks completely would be a good option. Let’s explore the different reasons why you would want to change your locks. The first and most common reason would be if your existing locks are broken and cannot be repaired, in this case you don’t have any other option other than replacing them. Second and also pretty common reason is if your locks are very old, damaged and possibly corroded, so not only are they not working they are also cosmetically unappealing. Third reason you’ll want to replace your locks would be simply because you want a different lock, whether it be the color, style or functionality. Once you know what kind of lock you need you’ll want to search for a local locksmith and hire him for the job. That being said, a locksmith will help you do this without a problem. However, you can rekey a lock rather than replace it, and that’s usually the way to go if your locks are in good working condition.

When should you rekey a lock?

First let’s explain what it means to rekey a lock. Rekeying a lock simply means to take the existing lock and change its original pins to make it work under a different new key. If your locks are in a very good condition rekeying them in most cases would be the ideal option. Here you will find the most common reasons why people rekey their locks in the first place. First reason would be if a landlord has a new tenant move in they want to make sure the old tenant won’t have access to the property anymore. Second reason would be if you gave a key to a housekeeper, friend or partner who you no longer want to have access into your home. Third reason would be if you are a business owner and you let an employee go and they never returned their key or possibly made additional copies. Final reason you might have lost your key in a close proximity to your home and afraid someone might find and gain entrance to your house.

So to conclude the reasoning as to why you’ll want to choose to rekey your locks over replacing them, you get the benefit of keeping your existing locks making the entire process easy, convenient and more affordable. Another advantage that comes with rekeying is the fact that you can make all of your locks work under the same key.

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