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What to do if your car key is stuck in the ignition mode?

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Owning a car gives an exciting feeling until every process runs smoothly. However, sometimes we face many issues like brake failure, car breaking down in midways and keys getting stuck in the ignition. Well, these issues can't be anticipated before moving out from home. You can't lock the car when the keys are stuck in the ignition. This is a complicated process that requires a professional to repair it. Here in this article, we mention possible reasons and some quick fixes you can try by hiring Locksmith near me.

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Reasons why a car key would be stuck in ignition mode

Gear is not in the neutral mode

The car keys can come out of the ignition when your car's gear is in neutral or parking. This is manageable for the automatic transmission mode, but yes, it can be daunting in the manual transmission case. So, if your keys are stuck in the ignition, ensure the gear shift is in the park position. 

The steering lock is on

In some cases, your car may turn off in the middle. If the steering lock is turned on, the driver won't be able to turn the wheel, and it also disables the key from the ignition. It can be easily fixed by turning the key & jiggling the steering at the same time. There are chances that you can successfully remove the keys. If you can't do this, hire a Locksmith Delray Beach.

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The key is worn out

Your car's key can get worn out over time because of repeated use. This is the universal case; you can do nothing to recover from this problem. Sometimes people also misuse their keys for other reasons, like opening the lid & scratching the surface, which wears out the keys faster. It is tough to come out of the ignition if your key is bent or chipped. In this case, it will be better to go out for the car key replacement by Locksmith Delray Beach. With their help, you can make a new set of keys.

Dirt on the keys

The key is the most sensitive to changes and imperfections. Dirt gets accumulated over the period on the key & which may affect the ability to rotate inside the keyhole. As a person, you might not be able to evaluate why your car key got locked; this is when hiring the local locksmith near you will come to rescue you. If the keys come out, clean them with a damp cloth and rub alcohol to clean the dirt. If the key still needs to come out, hire a professional locksmith to help you.

car key in a ignition cylinder

The key breaks down inside the ignition

It might break down inside when you try to remove the key by applying all your force. In such cases, the blades of the keys get stuck, and you have the bow only. So, don't try to put force on it.


If you are facing any of the above-discussed problems in the middle way of the road, call a locksmith near your location. They'll assist you & help you to get instant recovery.

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