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How to find a reputable locksmith near me?

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Finding the most reputable local locksmith near me could seem like a challenge, because you may not exactly know what to look for. In this article you will find useful tools and tips to help you find the most reputable, professional and trustworthy locksmith near you. It’s imperative to understand what type of service you are looking for in order to eliminate the irrelevant search results.

Search Google Maps for a locksmith near me

A great way to find a reputable local locksmith is by searching for a “locksmith near me" in Google Maps. When you search for a locksmith in your area, Google Maps will provide you with locksmiths that are closest to your current location, their reviews, services, hours of operation and other relevant information. At this point, you will scroll through and look for key factors that will help you choose the most reputable local locksmith near you. The key factors that you should be looking for include the following: All or mostly 5-star reviews, which will let you know that you are dealing with an honest and professional locksmith. A website which gives you details of all the services they provide and information about the company. Look for photos on the Google map page, if you see real people and products in the photos, you will get an indication that this company is a legit business. Finally, the location of the company. When searching for a specific service you will want to use a locally owned company so in case of an issue you have who to reach out to and correct the mistake.

Google locksmith near me search showing list of locksmith and their reviews

Read reviews

Reading reviews is key! Reviews will let you know right from the start the type of service quality you will receive. Whether the reviews are good or bad most reviews will rate the service provided, the product quality and the customer service. That’s why you need to make sure you read as many reviews as you can to obtain a good idea of what to expect.

Check their website

When I search for a locksmith near me a good way to figure out if a certain locksmith company is professional or not is to see their website. A professional business will always work hard to create a great user experience for their customers. Which means their website will look very professional up to date and provide all the necessary information that their potential customers will need

( Example: ).

In most cases if a company doesn’t take the time to invest in a professional and user-friendly website you can expect to receive the same amount of low-level devotion of service quality. So, to sum it up if the website just feels like a template with a few changes, that can be a warning sign of a non-legit company therefore you should steer away from them.

Beware of Bait and switch

Unfortunately, over the years many non-legit locksmith companies destroyed the credibility of this field, so dealing with bait and switch is not foreign to this trade. Here are a few tips to remember in order to avoid this. Once you find a locksmith who you feel comfortable calling, you should look out for how the pricings are given over the phone. For instance, if a company tells you “Starting from” or gives you a nonrealistic low price you can automatically assume that this is going to be a definite classic bait and switch situation. Also, if the locksmith tells you he will need to come to you in order to provide you with the price, he is defiantly not a professional nor knowledgeable locksmith and you should avoid him at all cost. Any self-respected professional locksmith will know exactly what a job will entail and will be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone, once you provide him with the correct information of the service you need.


Selecting the best locksmith near you can take a bit of time but it shouldn’t be daunting. In other words, just like any other type of service company you enquire; you want to research as much as you can to ensure that you find the most professional and trustworthy company. At the end of the day, what really matters is to focus on receiving a genuinely good experience with the best quality of service and products. We recommend you read reviews, understand market prices and check the locksmith websites to figure out which is the right option for you. Don’t rush, take your time and you will find the best candidate for the job.


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