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Why and when should you replace your mailbox lock?

In times like these where identity theft is on the rise you need to protect your personal information by making sure no one that you don't trust has access to your locked mailbox.

The first and most common reason to change your mailbox lock is if you are moving into a new house or apartment. In most cases you'll probably receive a mailbox key from the previous owners, but you can't know for sure who else has a copy of the key. They could have given a copy to a neighbor, friend or family member and this could

be a problem since they can access your mailbox without your knowledge or consent.

Second reason you should get your mailbox lock replaced is if you lose the key. If you lose the mailbox key you should be concerned because someone might find it and try out the key on the mailboxes in your neighborhood until they find yours. This is extremely dangerous and worrisome because you might have personal confidential mail in your mailbox. If someone gets a hold of your mailbox key they could possibly steal your information for identity theft purposes or just steal your online orders.

Another reason as to why you’ll need to replace your mailbox lock is, maybe you gave out your mailbox key to a friend or a neighbor and then you decided you don't want the key in their possession anymore so you take it back. But you can't be

certain they haven’t made a copy.

The fourth and also quite common reason is sometimes older mailbox locks can give you issues with inserting or turning the key. This can happen due to the age of the lock, weather and climate changes or simply the key has been worn out or debris has gotten into the cylinder. In this case it’s imperative to replace the mailbox lock because the key is liable to get stuck in the lock or simply stop working and then you won't be able to lock or unlock the mailbox.

Whichever situation you are in, all you’ll need to do is call your local trusted locksmith and they will come remove your existing mailbox lock and install a new one with new keys.

If you're ever in need to replace your mailbox lock, don’t hesitate to call Locksmithland, we'll get the job done quickly and efficiently and have you on your way in no time. We’re located in Delray Beach, Florida. We provide service to all of Palm Beach County.

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